BMV S.r.l. is a company dedicated to designing and manufacturing molds for footwear soles.
Established in 1988, BMV has always been run by Alfredo Brasca, who is currently the sole director, assisted by a team of excellent collaborators.

The firm has enjoyed constant expansion and has become one of the major in its field.
BMV is a medium-sized company with considerable technical capabilities.
It is the ideal partner for a producer of soles, offering a complete range of first-class mold sets.
We keep a small but qualified modelling-shop at our customers' disposal, for the development of prototypes and models having special features.
Scanning machines and CAD/CAM systems transfer ideas from the drawing board to the production plant. Here we use computerised numeric-control machines to create our products.

In our well-equipped workshop quality aluminium is cast to from molds that guarantee consistent physical properties.
Technology changes in the sole trade come about so quickly that traditional products and techniques are rapidly outdated.
We are always willing to listen to our customers' particular requirements and help them find the right solution.